Alert to Arizona Home Owners

On March 15th, 2012, posted in: Accounting by 2 Comments

Be watching your mail box! Recently passed HB 2001, the Jobs Bill, included a provision that will impact all Arizona home owners. It changes all residences from Class 3 properties to Class 4 resulting in a higher tax rate.

Affidavits will be sent to property owners in even number years starting 2012 to “opt-in” to have their primary residence taxed at the lower Class 3 rate.

Here’s the catch: If you don’t complete and return the affidavit within 60 days, you have to wait 2 years to claim the lower tax rate. Second homes and vacation homes will now be taxed at the higher Class 4 rate.

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  1. According to this article, they didn’t send them out this year. There are two bills working their way through now to repeal the affidavit requirement for all homeowners. Basically, the assessors will mail it out to Class 3 owners who list an address different from the property.

  2. Shelby, thanks for the link to the article. Maricopa County has mailed affidavits yet but some of the other counties have mailed them already. The matter may be repealed, but since there is no appeal process if you don’t file the affidavit and because it has a 60 day time frame, we feel it’s better to be safe and mail it in. Two years of higher taxes isn’t something to gamble on.


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