Are You a Ripplist Capitalist?

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“Ripplist Capitalist,” that’s a term coined by Bill Parker of Legacy Group Lending in Phoenix. He believes that if he can help good people achieve success, then they will use that success to do good for others. It’s a “pay it forward” philosophy.

How can you contribute to someone else’s success?

  • Give them a referral – This works two ways by helping the person you gave the name to in solving their problem as well as the person you referred them to. If they’re a good match, it’s a win-win.
  • Expand their circle – By introducing people you know to people they don’t know it expands their circle of associates.
  • Buy something – I recently heard that the economy isn’t going to recover until Baby Boomers start spending money again. Trust me, I am doing my part! Shopping is definitely one of my areas of expertise!

Don’t forget to do part two of this philosophy: go out there and do something good by helping others and supporting causes you believe in. As virtual accountants we are always trying to pay it forward and give back.

Tell us how you’re rippling!


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