Are You an Idea Factory?

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You should be! Fresh ideas keep your business vital and progressing. I recently heard Boaz Rauchwerger speak at a Vistage Trusted Advisor event. He says “There’s not a shortage of money in America, there’s a shortage of ideas.” With the pace of business changing faster than ever, if you don’t have fresh ideas your business will fall behind.

How do you start the flow of ideas?

  • Keep a file or a notebook with possible ideas as they come to you. They don’t need to be fully worked out; just a few words that will help you remember the thought later.
  • Spend some time pondering the question: “What would the perfect product or service look like?” Journal the ideas that come.
  • Ask your team for their input. I never cease to be amazed at the great ideas and suggestions for improvement that my team of highly-skilled accountants come up with!

I’ve kept a file called “My Idea Trap” for over 20 years. It has everything from marketing ideas to stories or quotes that I plan to use in speeches. If I don’t “trap” them when I think them, they may be gone forever!

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