Guest Post by  Ginny McMinn

Employers are as concerned about hiring properly as they are with obtaining the best employee for a job. In order to do a good job of hiring, it is important to remember that using the job requirements and consistency in the hiring process will not only yield the best results, but will also provide protection for the employer from charges of inconsistent or discriminatory hiring practices.

Two very common hiring mistakes are: hiring without knowing what the position requires or the type of person you would like to work with; and hiring conveniently rather than carefully.

  • It is important to know the skills, training and experience that you expect the employee to have. Add to this the characteristics and behaviors of both the successful employees in your organization and the employees who experience the most satisfaction in working with your team. Enumerate the skills, training, experience, characteristics and behaviors as the basis for hiring consideration.
  • Take the necessary steps to attract the appropriate candidates for your position; this means looking for employees with the list of skills, training, experience, characteristics and behaviors that you’ve listed. Hiring individuals who are convenient to hire, without first checking to make sure that the candidates have the necessary skills, will result in creating your own turnover.

Take the list that and the determinations you made in step one, attract the candidates with the skills you deem crucial, and then carefully interview each candidate consistently to ensure the very best possible hire for your organization.



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