As a business owner it’s crucial that you get out of your office – whether it’s a home office or a large organization – and meet people. This will build your network connections. Networking provides you an opportunity to keep up with trends, meet the movers and shakers within your industry, and uncover potential business opportunities. As virtual accountants we understand not everyone we meet at a networking event is a potential client, but we also understand the people we meet could be a valuable contact with whom we may wish to connect.

Here are some ways I’ve found to make myself a valuable member of the networking community:

  • Be open to asking for help. Do you need advice? Have a problem you can’t solve on your own? Reach out to your network for help and advice.
  • Offer to help others. Not every connection you make needs to lead to a new client. You become a valuable member of a network by providing help, advice and your expertise and will also become known as a thought leader in your niche.
  • Offer thanks and follow up with network members. If you only connect with the members of your network at a monthly meeting you are letting valuable time slip through your fingers when it comes to relationship building. Reach out to network connections between meetings, set up coffee dates and get to know one another.

Remember, potential clients want to work with someone they “know, like, and trust.” What are you doing to build a relationship?

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