Burn Out

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Burn out, of course, isn’t about heat, it’s a product of  the “all work and no play” syndrome that is so easy to fall into when you’re are trying to be successful in business. Often the most productive thing you can do is to stop working. Just take a step back and breathe! Coming back to a project after a break of a couple of hours or even a couple of days will give you a fresh perspective. But nothing rejuvenates you like some extended time away from work.

In July 2008 I crewed on a 127′ classic wooden schooner in the San Juan Islands for a week. While it may sound like a break, it was actually a lot of work. With 7,000 pounds of sails and no winches or furling, the crew was the power to raise and lower sails, tack and jibe, scrub decks and polish brass, and you get the idea. It’s the only time I’ve ever sailed with snow-capped mountains in view instead of palm trees! If you’re wondering about the masking tape on my pantleg, that had my workstation on it. That week I wasn’t Carolyn, I was known as “Jib Sheet”! You can call me “Jib” for short.

So the cure for burn out may not be rest. There are studies that say the best way to clear your mind and avoid burn out is to move your body. So what do you like to do that “moves” you – literally and figuratively? Maybe now is the time to remember what you love to do and schedule so some time to do!

Enough time to avoid burnout can be just a long weekend camping or a real adventure. New adventures – new experiences – are a great way to keep life fresh and exciting. So much to do, so little time! Make time!! Just do it!!!

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