Can You Cut Yourself Some Slack?

On November 8th, 2011, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 1 Comment

Are you a perfectionist like me? If so, when you don’t do something on time and perfect, you’re probably disappointed in yourself. (Was that word too mild?!)

Consider this:

  • It’s okay to not always do things perfectly. Most of the time your world won’t come to an end!
  • Sometimes “good enough” is good enough; sometimes it’s not. Be sure that you know the difference and apply standards accordingly.
  • Ask yourself: what will happen if I don’t do this at all? If it’s not a disaster, consider skipping it.

Did you notice that a Biz-Tip didn’t get sent out last week? I had a really busy week with a local speaking engagement and one in California. I was really beating myself up for not getting a Biz-Tip written when I decided to apply this principle. I cut myself some slack!

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One Response to Can You Cut Yourself Some Slack?
  1. Hi,
    You’re right on target. Sometimes our brains run away with unrealistic expectations and in our quest for excellence, we wear ourselves down. taking a minute to prioritize the tasks always helps me to calm down and put away some tasks for another time. Thanks for the great advice!


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