Can You Keep Your Mind Silent?

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Being able to listen effectively is a skill that will go a long way in establishing and maintaining healthy communications. Have you ever scrambled the letters in LISTEN? If you do, they spell SILENT.

Hopefully we’ve learned to keep our mouths silent when someone is speaking to us, but have we learned to keep our minds silent? We’re processing all the distractions around us, what we’re going to do next, and what we’re going to say next instead of fully focusing on what they are saying.

So evaluate yourself:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how good a listener are you?
  • What could you do to increase that number?
  • Are you as good a listener with your spouse and/or kids as you are with your clients?

If you want to improve, give them the silent treatment with both your mouth and your mind. They’ll appreciate being heard.

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