Clear The Clutter Spring Is Here!

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Renewal, rejuvenation – that’s what spring brings to mind, right? Along with blooming flowers, summer garments and fresh spring breezes it’s time to clean your office. An organized office leads to enhanced productivity and here are three things to look at when sprucing up your office for the new season:

  1. The view from where you sit. What does your desktop look like? For that matter, can you even see your desk top? Remember the adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place?” Clear everything off the top of your desk and find it a home.
  2. The other view from your desk. Do you have clutter on the floor? Is it piled high on the chairs? Take time to clear this clutter as well. You should see nothing but desktop and floor once you’re done.
  3. Be virtually clutter-free. Let’s not forget your computer. Are your virtual files easy to find? Do you have email you haven’t read, responded to or deleted? Spring clean this as well.

Renew and rejuvenate your workspace for a productive, fruitful spring!

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