Do You Ask For Help?

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In July of 2010 when I fell down the steps at my cabin, it didn’t take me long to ask for help. As I was laying there on my back on concrete, dirt, and flagstone with a pine cone for a pillow, it was obvious that I needed help. A broken arm makes all the neighbors gather around to offer assistance.

But sometimes we don’t know that we need help. We tell ourselves:

  • Everyone is going through this.
  • This too shall pass.
  • I should be smart enough to figure this out.
  • If I ignore it, maybe it will go away!

Here’s what I’ve discovered during my career as a virtual accountant: I know a lot of really smart business owners that are facing or have faced the same issues I’m facing. Most are more than willing to share insights and information, refer you to contacts, make introductions and just spend time talking to help you think something through.

So ask for help! Someday they’ll be calling you for assistance and you can return the favor.



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