Most of us have a To Do list as long as our arm! Have you noticed that even when you check things off, you never get to the end of your list? Just as important as having a To Do list to keep you on track is having a Not To Do list to free up your time.

What to put on your Not To Do list:

  • Anything that you can delegate or outsource (such as the virtual accounting services we provide!) Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean that you should do it. Others may do it quicker and better than you.
  • Things that waste time. This can include redoing things until they’re “perfect,” television, computer games, and reading every email that comes into your Inbox. (Thanks to all of you who tell me that you consistently find Biz Tips valuable enough to be worthy of your time to read it. I appreciate your feedback.)
  • Things to drop or limit. Back to computer games and television – sometimes they help you wind down at the end of the day. Just like chocolate, they can be good in moderation.

Double-check your To Do list. If it has anything on it that matches the above, remove it or put it on someone else’s To Do list! Smart business owners know that their time is one of their greatest non-replaceable assets. Invest it wisely.

Let me know what’s going on your Not To Do list!

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