Do You Have a Problem?

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In this life, you will have problems. No doubt about that! Since you can’t escape them, you had better learn how to handle them. How do you do that? Try seeing it not as a problem, but as part of the creative process of testing and growth. Solving problems and overcoming obstacles will make you stronger and more resilient. As virtual accountants, we see and solve new problems everyday and put new processes in place!

Try re-framing the problem:

  • Examine it strategically and break it down into smaller, workable pieces.
  • Take risks and try something. If it doesn’t work, change it.
  • Let go of any old programming that you can’t do it or don’t deserve it.
  • Surround yourself with people and resources that will help you.
  • Don’t just believe that you can solve it, but affirm it as well.

Decide today to take action on your pressing problem. When you make progress, celebrate it!

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  1. Excellnt advice, good reminder on how to solve problems, not only in the workplace, but also in any area of your life. Much of the time we are so overwhelmed that we make matters worse rather than better. I will try to remember these tips and use them to help me accomplish my goals. Very wise words, indeed!!! Thank you


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