Do You Live Your Core Values?

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Are your core values just a part of your marketing campaign or do you really live them? If you really live them, you stick by them even when someone tries very hard to convince you that with just a little flexibility (nothing illegal or irrational, mind you), just a little bending of what you know is true for you and about you, you can have something that you really want.

That situation happened to me last week. Someone did their very best to sway me from what I know is true for me; what is core to who I am. When his convincing presentation didn’t work, he switched to challenging my values, then to condemning me, and finally laughing at me.

Now I ask you, does that sounds like a wise sales technique to you? My instinct told me to run, not walk, out of there as fast as I could. And, of course, that is exactly what I did!  Throughout my career as a virtual accountant in Phoenix, I have operated my company on a set of core values on which we always remain steadfast.

When you stand by your core values, you always win in the end!

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