Do You Play Well on the Team?

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Business is definitely a team sport. Working together well as a team benefits everyone. Last week I got an email from a client who was referring an associate to us. The associate was starting a new business and was in a very similar situation that my client was when he first came to us. He had copied the CPA that he used on the email.

It was a “win” for everyone!

  • The client got to be the hero for taking care of his associate
  • The CPA got a new client
  • My firm got a new client
  • I was able to refer the new client to someone to set up her PLC
  • The associate/new client saved time and energy by working with a team that worked well together

When everyone knows their role and works for the benefit of all, everyone benefits. Let us know if you need a virtual accountant on your team!

How can you make the teams you work and play on function better?

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