Do You Push or Do You Pull?

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Want to know a marketing secret? All marketing falls into two categories:  Push marketing and pull marketing.

  • Push marketing may involve marketing strategies designed to promote your product or service. It can also include word-of-mouth and referral-based marketing. This would include joint ventures between you and associates. Referrals from satisfied clients who spread the word about how wonderful you are fall here.
  • Pull marketing uses, “buy one get one free!” offers, or “use this coupon for 20% off.” Pull marketing creates a sense of urgency. Limited time offers, seasonal promotions, and trade show specials would fall in this area.

Different strategies appeal to different customers, so incorporate both push and pull marketing tactics in your business plan. Which kind of marketing are you most comfortable with?

Do you push or do you pull?

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  1. interesting. I apparently only do “push marketing”


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