Do You Remember Your First Time?

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Nothing leaves a lasting impression on you like your first time does. You can remember every detail of it. You can almost play a movie of it in your mind. It’s indelibly sketched in the fabric of who you are. Whether it’s the first time you give a speech, the first time you sign up a big client, or the first time have a life-changing experience, first times are important. They need to be celebrated.

I remember the first time I went to Bimini in 2004. That was the first time I ever swam with a wild dolphin. It was an incredible creative who chose to be with me. He came closer than most people would stand. He forever changed my life. He was the first of many who each left a mark on my heart.

Special times like that are best when they’re shared. That is exactly why I chose Bimini and the dolphins instead of a fancy resort in Scottsdale for the site for my executive retreat. It will be life-changing and business-changing experience. Good news! There’s still room for you!

See what I’m talking about here!

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