Do You Resist?

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Are you one of those people who avoid change? I confess I was resisting changing cell phones. My Treo was sadly out of date and it was awful to do emails on it. Still I resisted changing to a new phone.

Want to know why?

  •  There are so many choices! There are many phones that might meet my needs. Which one was the “right” one? This was solved with research.
  • I was afraid it would take me a long time to learn to use it. I kept hearing about all the apps and features. It sounded overwhelming! This was solved by a lesson at my local Sprint store.
  • I really wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to become a Mac user. Turns out you can sync your iPhone to your PC. Who knew?! Matt, my computer guy, that’s who! Asking an expert clears up misconceptions.

I finally got my iPhone a few weeks ago. It was easy to learn how to operate and it does so much more than my Treo. I am officially in love!

This is just an example. What are you resisting?

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