Do You Think Scarcity?

On March 6th, 2012, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

The economy hasn’t been the greatest lately and many have to do more with less – sometimes much less. The natural instinct is to focus on the scarcity. When you think scarcity, you tend manifest more of it. There is just one little letter difference between scarce and scare. Could it be that when you dwell on scarcity, you scare prosperity away?

Instead, focus on every good thing you have going for you. Do you have some good clients? Celebrate them! Do you have good supporters and encouragers? Thank them! Do you have prospects of gaining more of both? Then be grateful! When you think about how you are blessed, you manifest more blessings.

Your thoughts aren’t going to turn the economy around, but they can do wonders in helping you not only survive and even thrive in the midst of a much-less-than-perfect situation. Don’t let thoughts of scarcity scare you! Think bigger!!

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