Don’t Forget to Remember!

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Part of forging strong relationships is remembering special days. Many companies send customers a post card or email during their birthday month that entitles them to a free something or other. For those of us with ongoing clients like the virtual accounting clients we are blessed to serve month after month, year after year, there is another important date we like to remember. It’s our anniversary: the date they started doing business with our firm.

How do we celebrate?

  • We send an email with a subject line “Happy Anniversary to Us!”
  • We post a thank you on the client’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • We post an announcement on our firm’s Facebook page

How do we remember to remember? It’s part of our award-winning system! An alarm pops up in our contact management system so that we don’t forget. Remembering client anniversaries not only lets them know we care, it makes us feel good to know that we have clients who are still with us after 10 years!

Share how you celebrate client anniversaries here.

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