Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

On February 9th, 2012, posted in: Accounting, Marketing by 0 Comment

Calls to action. We’ve all read and seen them on various websites, in emails we’ve received and of course, on television commercials. If it’s a good product or service or seminar that’s being offered, I am thrilled to be part of that call.

Now, I’m able to have my own call to action to all of you! Hot off the press, we have a limited number of advanced copies of my latest book, Biz Tips Volume 2: 30 Quick Tips To Make You More Effective In Your Business available for sale.

Send your check $18, made payable to The Accountant’s Office, to PO Box 7780, Chandler AZ 85246. We’ll send your autographed, limited-edition advance copy to you right away.

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