Are you one of those perfectionists like me? You want your output to be outstanding! I think maybe sometimes it has to be mediocre before it can be outstanding. There has to be an idea, a draft, a starting point or you will never get to the end.

My first two books were so easy to write! They were compilations of my weekly Biz-Tips emails that I write for my business associates to help them be more effective in their businesses. There are 30 tips in each book; each tip is about 150 words long. It’s easy to write 150 words a week especially when each week is a separate topic.

Writing a complete manuscript with a common premise and theme, each point building on and correlating to the others, is a different project altogether. While I am excited with the topic, The 5 Most Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Fix Them, I must admit to being a tad overwhelmed at the project.

Know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time! So Chapter One, here you come! We’ll worry about the rest of it when that is done. Since The #1 Mistake is what my keynote speech is about and is what I love to share with business owners, it will be the easiest chapter to write. Finishing Chapter One will, hopefully, build momentum to complete the project.

Cross your fingers! Send encouragement!! I need all the support I can get.


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