In Praise of Slowness

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The pace of the world seems to be accelerating at an ever increasing speed. Because technology is so available, it seems that we are never disconnected from it.
Could slowing down actually increase productivity? Could practicing mindfulness make us more effective at the task at hand?
If yes, how do we slow down? In the age of microwaves and instant communication, slowness sounds like a relic from the past. But slow is “in!” It is actually a new way of doing things. Whole communities are being established in Europe based on designing a town where people will walk to work and walk to the shops and restaurants for they need every day. The interaction between people increases; the speed decreases. It’s a freeing philosophy.
My mother has her own slowness activity. Once she gets in the car to go somewhere, she never looks at her watch. She figures that she’ll drive carefully and she’ll get there when she gets there. She never looks at the clock on the dash or at her watch. She never frets about traffic. If she’s late, so be it. Hint: She’s in the tan Cadillac, so don’t get behind her! (I love you, Mom!)

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