Have you ever had a day when you just knew you had to make a decision but for one reason or another you simply couldn’t, or didn’t? The longer you put off performing a task, making a call or making a decision, the harder — and less attractive — it becomes. Enter inertia.

Individuals burn more mental energy avoiding decision-making than by simply committing.  It’s true. The longer you delay making a commitment the harder the final decision becomes and you may find yourself dissatisfied with the outcome because of lengthy procrastination. Procrastination can also lead to a snowball effect of having multiple decisions piling up and in the face of them the decision-making task becomes more daunting. In the virtual accounting business many of the decisions we make are dictated by outside deadlines but even if we didn’t have those we know that only by making a decision can we move forward.

Consider this: Making decisions leads to making even more decisions and accomplishing more than you’d imagined.

When you’re faced with a decision — whether it’s as life changing such as relocating, taking a new job or what new car to purchase — grab pen and paper and write down the worst case scenario for each decision. Following that write down the reasons why you can’t simply reverse the decision once you’ve made it. If you find yourself going down a path that simply isn’t, or hasn’t, worked out. Take steps to reverse it.

Putting off making a decision drains your energy and saps your emotional strength. What are you putting off?

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