If you’re like me, you’ve just made your annual resolution to lose weight. I make the goal every year, but don’t achieve it. It’s not just vanity, it’s a good business sense because it’s about being a healthier you. Your body is the vehicle that carries you around and lets you do what you do in your business. So why can’t we do it?

My friend, Linda Binns of the Energetic Edge, says that often it’s your energy that is blocking your weight loss. If you’re open-minded and inquisitive like me, you’ll want to know more. We’ve put together a one hour tele-seminar to delve into this topic. On it you will learn:

  • Why nothing has worked in the past
  • The one thing you can do that will change everything
  • What you really need to lose first (Hint: it’s not the weight)
  • What’s been sabotaging you
  • The only thing that will guarantee success

Click here to join us on January 10th or to get the recording of the call.

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