Are you, like me, one of those people who lives life at 90 miles per hour? It seems that there is always something to do or someplace to go or someone to talk to. There is so much busyness in business! Where is the time to pause, to reflect, and to rest? I discovered this week that if you don’t take time to pause, the opportunity will be thrust on you. In this case, it’s called the flu.

Lessons learned from the flu:

  • When your administrative assistant offers to make chicken soup for you, say yes. (Thank you, Wanna, it was yummy!)
  • It’s okay to spend the afternoon reading, falling asleep, reading some more, and falling asleep again.
  • You are not in charge, so the world will keep spinning and your virtual accounting business will survive while you get well.

Most of all, listen to your body. It is an amazing gift and truly does know how to heal itself. Take good care of it. There are no trade-ins; this body is the only one you get!

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