It Could Happen to You…

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…Like it Happened to Michael!

Michael was an advertising and public relations whiz! He had started, built and sold two businesses and was now successfully building his third business. A real creative guy, he loved using our Your Virtual Accounting Office service. In fact he helped create it by asking us if when we sent invoices to his clients we could have them pay to our PO Box and then have us put their checks in his bank account.

When Michael mentioned that he would like us to do personal bill pay for him, we sent the agreement to him. Then we waited for it to come back. About six weeks later we got a frantic phone call from him. He needed us to start paying his personal bills NOW! What would that take? Oh yea, the agreement. It came by fax that day!

What had spurred the sudden need? It seems that his wife had requested that he move $5,000 from the business account to the personal account. Of course he would. Except that he forgot. The result: $300 in NSF fees on checks she used to pay bills, wounded credit and one really upset wife!

Going forward, we paid their bills on time, the credit recovered from a one time incident and his wife didn’t need to worry about paying bills. Issue resolved – everyone was happy!

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