It Could Happen to You…

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…Like it Happened to Eric

Eric knew that as a busy business owner, he didn’t have the time or skills to do the accounting for his firm if he wanted it to grow. His skills and valuable time were needed concentrating on sales, marketing and strategic alliances. He had the right idea. He outsourced his accounting to a gal who did bookkeeping and figured that everything would go well. It did – for a while. Then reports started coming to him later and later. He was getting past due notices from vendors. When he called his bookkeeper he found out that she had been ill. She promised to get caught up “soon”. Fortunately he requested a backup copy of his QuickBooks file which she sent him. Within a couple of weeks she stopped returning his phone calls. She apparently had dropped off the face of the earth!

When he came to TAO at the recommendation of his CPA, we were able to take the backup file and bring it up to date. We worked with his vendors to explain the situation and smooth out the relationships. Now when his assigned accounting associate is ill or out of town he knows that there are other people on the TAO Team who are covering his needs. That’s just one of the reasons to work with a professional firm instead of an individual bookkeeper.

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