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I don’t know about your memory, but I can sometimes forget what I went into a room to get by the time I get there. Bill Cosby used to stay that you have a memory reset button on your butt and if you slap yourself on the butt you’ll remember what you went after. My reset button must not be working!

What does work for me is to write a note.

  • If I’m on the phone and promise to do something to follow-up, I write it down in my phone log.
  • If I have several stops to make while I’m out, I write them down in the order they’ll occur.
  • If I’m going to a store, I make a list of what I need there.

It may sound simple, but it’s effective! You can make your list on paper, in your phone, or write it on your hand. They all work – at least until you wash your hands!

What’s your favorite technique?

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