O is for Organized!

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John Maxwell says that “organization is a wonderful because it takes complex things and makes them simple.” Boy, can I identify with that! I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have lots of different projects that I’m working on at the same time.

Every morning I’ll take my notebook and work on some aspect of my business. Everything is in the notebooks, but organized it is not. So out the pages came so they could be grouped together. The problem became finding one group when I had more to add to it. Where did those pages – filled with great ideas I’m sure! – disappear to? They’re probably in a pile somewhere. Oh, no! Not the dreaded pile!

It seemed like I had papers everywhere. So I grabbed my piles of papers, notebooks, some empty file folders, and my trusty label maker and headed for the conference table. In just a few minutes there was order to my chaos! With all my projects in separate folders, appropriately labeled, of course, it was amazing, empowering, and a huge relief!

Now when my creativity strikes and I want to work on my next book, The 5 Most Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Fix Them, I just grab my paper file, open my electronic files, and start writing. The same thing applies for when I want to work on the website redo, our next team meeting, our SEO campaign, and on and on and on. There always seems to be an endless supply of projects!


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