That was the theme for National Small Business Week in Washington DC, May 23-29, 2010. It was a fabulous event with hundreds of attendees and winners from all across the country, even as far away as American Samoa. Other people from Arizona attending included Margie Traylor and Brett Giles of Sitewire Marketspace Solutions, our state Small Business Team of the Year, and Robert Blaney, SBA District Director, and his wife Desane.

From the opening night reception with SBA Administrator Karen Mills, to the State Department tour and reception, to the many speakers, awards programs and seminars, to the private winners’ reception with President Obama in The Rose Garden at The White House, to the black tie gala where I received my award, to the dance afterwards – everything was perfect! Check out this Flip video clip of the actual awards presentation.

For me personally, it was an awesome experience to be the first woman ever from the State of Arizona to win a U.S. Small Business Administration National Enterprise Award! I am honored and humbled by the recognition. The Women in Business Champion Award is presented to someone who serves as an advocate for small businesses, who provides services to enhance the business ownership experience, who demonstrates effectiveness in improving the environment for the creation and expansion of businesses owned and operated by women, who increases business opportunities for women, who supports legislative action to help small businesses and who strengthens the role of women business owners within the community. The best part about this award is that it isn’t just about being successful in your own business. Who knew you could get an award for doing what you love: helping other businesses to be successful?!

The President’s remarks stressed the important role of small businesses in fueling our nation’s recovery. He praised small business owners for their hard work and willingness to take risks. Approximately 60% of all workers in the U.S. are employed by firms classified as small businesses.

Because they put me on the front row, I was one of the couple dozen people who got to shake the President’s hand. For a photo of that and other pictures from my trip, check out our Photo Gallery. You’ll love the one from the State Department balcony with the Washington Monument growing out of my head!

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