Surviving Recovery

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Recovery is never an easy thing. We’ve all been witnessing that for some time now. Still we don’t like it.

Here are some facts about recovery:

  • It’s often two steps forward, one step back. As much as we would like smooth, steady progress, recovery doesn’t happen that way.
  • Recovery is a process, not an event. Events happen all at once; processes take time.
  •  There is little we can do to speed things along which is probably why the process is often frustrating for us super-achievers.

One final thought: Recovery is not the “new normal”! It is a period of time that we are passing through and we will come out on the other side. Hang in there!

On a personal note: Many of you know that I am currently doing a recovery of my own. My surgery on November 30th went very well. Instead of spending lots of time in bed the first week as I had anticipated, I’m on a walking regimen. I’m now up to ½ mile twice a day and enjoying the warm, sunny days we’ve been having. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

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