It’s my birthday today, so you won’t find me in the office. I’ll be taking a yoga class, having lunch with my daughters and spending the afternoon at the spa. Why? Because it’s “My Day!”

I remember years ago when my daughter was in high school and started working for me. I figured that if I owned a grocery store, she’d be bagging groceries. Since I owned an accounting firm, she could do data entry. When her birthday came along, I gave her the day off. After all, it was her birthday! When she graduated and got a “real” job, she learned a real-world lesson. Your birthday is only a national holiday to you and your mother!

But you owe yourself some time off — time to put your brain in neutral, to move your body, and to rejuvenate your spirit. Even if you take your break day on a Saturday, find a day to refresh yourself. Your “My Day” can be any day you choose. It’s like hitting a “reset” button! The break will make you even more effective when you get back to the office. Time well spent. And you deserve it!



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