Tax Deadlines are THAT Close!?

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Small business owners are faced with deadlines on a daily basis; whether its project deadlines for clients, follow-up calls for clients or filing deadlines for taxes, they are a necessary part of being an entrepreneur. While you want to pay attention to all deadlines, tax deadlines are ones you definitely want to meet.

As virtual accountants, it’s our business to remind our clients of impending IRS and tax filing deadlines. In case you haven’t communicated with your CPA recently, here are some dates you need to keep in mind:

  • February 15 — Owners of corporations need to get their records for 2011 to their CPAs by that date because
  • March 15 is the deadline for filing your tax returns
  • March 15 is also the deadline for partnerships and individuals to get their records to their CPA so they can meet the
  • April 17 deadline for filing your annual tax returns

Talk with your CPA or tax preparer to discuss these deadlines. Give us a call if your records aren’t in order. We can help get them organized, capture all our expenses, and have your books CPA-ready.

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