Are there days or weeks when you wonder what the top of your desk actually looks like when it isn’t covered with piles? Years ago when we had a brick-and-mortar operation and were moving to a new location , we had to resort to taping plastic sheeting over the top of a co-worker’s desk and move it with piles intact because he refused to move items off his desk! Now that’s an extreme makeover!!

Piles can be dangerous. Things can grow old in piles. Opportunities can pass by. Deadlines may be missed. Piles can cause stress: What’s in there anyway? I think a pile of business cards procreates and multiplies if you leave them alone on your desk overnight! At least it seems that way.

As an accountant, I’m more interested in another aspect of clutter – the cost of clutter. National studies show that a typical executive wastes 4 ½ hours a week looking for lost papers. At a salary of $60,000 per year, that is $6,752 of lost productivity. At $100,000 a year salary, the cost escalates to $11,250! That doesn’t even factor in the possible late fees, penalties and interest on late payments because bills are misplaced.

The true test of order is:
Can you find anything you need in 30 seconds?
While you’re away, can someone else find it?

Albert Einstein said it well: “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

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