Money is a subject that many people feel uncomfortable talking about. So many people these days are feeling stuck when it comes to money.

On this FREE call we’re going to be talking about the energy of money. When you understand the energy of money and how connected or disconnected you are to that energy, then you can help it to flow to you rather than struggling to make more.

Whatever your financial goals are, whether you’re finding it hard to make ends meet or whether your challenge is to move from six figures to seven more easily, understanding the energy of money and changing your energy around money can help you move from being stuck to enabling it to flow to you.

We’ll be covering:

  • The top 3 myths about money
  • The #1 mistake people make when trying to reach their financial goals
  • 5 Important Prosperity Rules
  • Your conditioning around money

There is a global shift going on when it comes to money. There are changes in our financial institutions and in the way we think about, make and spend money. Even people who have been financially successful in the past are now finding that what they did before no longer works. When you change your energy around money you can bring about a profound change in your financial situation.

Linda Binns is an expert when it comes to energy. She has been working with business owners and professionals for over 12 years, helping them to change their energy to change their life and business situations. She is known as the Energetic Edge Expert and she will change the way you think about money. Join us as I interview Linda on this FREE call.

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