The Power of a Handshake

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At our recent TAO team meeting we did a “handshaking” exercise in which the whole team stood and shook hands all around. I’m happy to say that everyone on the team “passed” with flying colors!

You may not know it but a good handshake can make or break the first impression you make on a business acquaintance. To succeed in business, you need to focus on handshake etiquette and manners.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Stand when you shake hands
  2. Make eye-contact and smile
  3. Make certain you have clean, dry palms
  4. Add a greeting when you’re shaking hands. “Hello, happy to meet you, Mr. Smith.”
  5. Have a firm handshake without crushing the other person’s hands
  6. Use the five-second rule for the length of your handshake
  7. Your handshake should be a thumb-to-thumb contact rather than a finger or palm shake.

Practice your handshake etiquette on a trusted colleague prior to your next networking meeting.

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