The Value of Team Meetings

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Because my team is virtual, we make the time to gather on a quarterly basis for team building, training, sharing best practices, and just plain fun! We wouldn’t have these meetings if they weren’t productive – I mean, what entrepreneur has the time to be away from the office to attend a meeting if they don’t gain anything from it? I know I don’t!

Here are some of the reasons I have for hosting my team meetings:

  1. To reconnect. We all work from our home offices and communicate electronically, so face-to-face is a welcome change.
  2. To make certain we are all moving along the same mission-centered path I’ve set for the business.
  3. To uncover any issues that simply need to be discussed in person.
  4. To train and inform the team on new things that we’re starting.
  5. To inspire and motivate – we all do that for one another.
  6. To tell my team face-to-face just how much I appreciate all they do every day for our clients and for me.

How often do you set aside a day to simply reconnect, recharge, and re-inspire your team?

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