Have you ever seen someone marketing a product or service and said “Hey, I thought of that first!” What’s the difference between their great idea and yours? Action! They took action on their idea and stuck to it until it was completed.

Why didn’t you? It’s probably one of these:

  • You didn’t have the skills, expertise, or money to do it on your own. It’s okay to seek help; you don’t have to do it alone. Just having a great idea and moving forward sets you apart from others who never try!
  • You got started, hit a roadblock, and never got around it. This is when a mastermind group is invaluable. They are like-minded people who will brainstorm with you and encourage you until you get your breakthrough.
  • Someone told you that you were nuts! Most great ideas sound crazy to others. Think of the automobile, the light bulb, and the airplane. Don’t broadcast what can’t be; shout out what will be! Use persistence and stick to your great idea!

What idea did you give up on? What did you stick with?

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  1. I think one of the toughest obstacles can be finding good people to partner with and share your vision.


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