What are You Saying to Yourself?

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What Are You Saying to Yourself?

Too often we talk to ourselves in a way that we would never talk to a friend. We use words like can’t, won’t, couldn’t and the old standby, shouldn’t to shoot down our dreams and keep us stuck.

Author and speaker Andy Andrews calls this negative self-talk “letting the enemy build a fort in your head.” You know him; he’s the little voice that says “You’ll never be able to…” How many great ideas have we had that never came to fruition because we listened to negative self-talk and let them get shot down? Well, no more! Here’s how!

  • Remember all the things you do well and talk to yourself about them: “Remember when I…?” Recalling past achievements will give you confidence to try new things.
  • Transfer that achievement to your new goal: “If I did that, I can do this.
  • Decide to be your own best friend; your own personal cheer leader. Encourage you!

Don’t let the enemy build a fort in your head!

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