What Makes a Good Story?

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It’s not about you! I know that’s hard to hear but it’s true. The story needs to be centered on why someone would want to know about this. So our story wasn’t just about the award. It was about the fact that this was the first national SBA Enterprise Award ever given to a woman from Arizona and why they selected me. Being the first is always unique in itself. Emphasizing the purpose of the award (providing services that enhance the business owner experience, advocating for small businesses, mentoring small business owners and helping to improve the environment for the creation and expansion of small businesses) gave depth and breadth to the story. Having other people sing your praises helps a lot.

Use everything you’ve got. Your history and how you got to where you are today is part of your story. People want to know who you are. The article in the SanTan Sun News is a great example of this. Laurie pulled out everything she knew about me even going back to when I lived on a sailboat in the 1990s. Be careful what you tell reporters. Their memories are phenomenal!

Do include the photo you want them to use and include photo credits. Newspapers have a tendency to save old photos (especially photos that they took themselves) so let them know if you have something new. We saved some press releases for after the event so that we had an award presentation photo to use. (Yes, it was fun to have a place to wear a dress like that!)

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