What Makes A Great Leader?

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You’re the CEO of your company but are you a great leader? What are the characteristics of a great leader?


  • Do you inspire others? Does your staff follow you because they believe in your vision and mission?
  • ·Does your company have a “personality”? Your leadership personality trickles down to your employees. Are you charismatic? Trustworthy? Ethical? Is your personality the reason your employees want to follow you?
  • · Can you lead in all weather? Good leaders can become great in good times. Great leaders are that way in both good and bad times.
  • How much power do you share? Do you have the ability to delegate?
  • Were you born with it? Some people are born natural leaders and they’ve attracted followers through the force of their personalities. Others evolve into great leadership through the strength of their convictions, morality and ethics.

Let us know what traits you feel make a great leader and if you are one – what sets you apart?


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