What’s On Your Plate?

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When I was on a committee years ago, we did an interesting exercise. We took cheap paper plates and marker pens. On the plate we were told to write all the things relative to the project that we were responsible for. That included coming to committee meetings, attending the event that the project was planning, anything we needed to do prior to the event, anything we needed to do at the event, anything we needed to do after the event, etc. What we discovered was that most of us had 6 to 10 things written on our plate. The chairman had about 30 and she was overwhelmed. So we started helping her out by taking things off her plate. Soon it was much more manageable for her and each one of us had just added 1 or 2 things to our own plates. We all felt better.

So do the exercise for yourself. Here are some guidelines:

  • Separate your plate into areas of responsibility (marketing, sales, customer service, client servicing, etc.) or you can use a separate plate for each area
  • Write all the things that you do in each area (it’s liable to be a very full plate!)
  • Take a highlighter and strike through any task that you can delegate

I do it several times a year; more frequently if I start to feel overwhelmed. The visual aspect of it justifies my feelings and helps me to see things that I can delegate. I created a flyer with a plate on it. Want a copy? Email me at Carolyn@TheAccountantsOffice.biz.

Let me know how this works for you.

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