Linda Binns of The Energetic Edge, who is in my mastermind group, mentioned that she was writing a book. Since she knew that my book, Biz-Tips: 30 Quick Tips to Make You More Effective in Your Business is the #7 bestseller at, she asked me how I did it.

Although I am far from being an expert in that area, I told her about my experience and connected her with the person at The Book Patch who could help her further. Subsequently she published 3 books on their website.

Her book, 30 Energy Tips to Improve Your Income is now the #9 bestseller on Knowing how much Linda helped me change the energy flow in my office last spring and what a growth year we had last year and this year, I can’t wait to read her book.

When you are thinking about how you can bring value to your clients and associates, don’t just think about what you do, think about who you know. You will be a more valued connection.


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