Who is Good at What You are Not?

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Having a well functioning team is vital to your success. Determining what talents, skills and mind-set are needed is a vital first step in designing your Dream Team.

I am blessed to have great people on my team whose strengths fill in for my weaknesses. My Accounting Manager, Marcia Benincasa, is super detail-oriented, does great general ledger reviews, and has the patience of Job. She will methodically search on-line for answers to questions and situations. That’s good because I would be climbing the walls. My Administrative Assistant, Holly Davis, takes what I write, makes it look all pretty and gets it out to you. She changes my Power Point presentations mere hours before I speak. Together we make a great team because everyone is doing what they do best. Together we rock!

See the Who’s On Our Team? column for our creative marketing mastermind. All the people on your team don’t have to be employees. Independent contractors that you outsource projects to can be a vital part of your team. We use lots of them!

Who do you need on your team to be good at what you are not?

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