You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

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All of us have blind spots. We’re experts at what we do, but no one is an expert at everything. When we get outside our area of expertise, we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s exactly why we all need resources within our companies and in our networks that are good at the things we are not.

Here are some blind spots:

  • You think you’re doing it right, but do you know? Who do you ask? Do they know? Can they refer you to someone?
  • You’re doing something for the first time, whether it is a bank loan application or awards submission, and you don’t know all the fine points to come out a winner. Ask someone who’s been through the process.
  • You’re dealing with an area with specific rules and penalties. Are you sure you’re staying within guidelines? We accountants deal with this all the time from sales taxes to payroll taxes to financial statements. The rules are law and the penalties are stiff. Being right matters!

You’ll never know everything or be good at everything. Know when to seek advice from someone who’s good at what you’re not and you’ll speed along your way to success!

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