A Tribute to My Dad

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“They invented the word integrity to describe my Dad” is something I have said many times. My father, Robert W.

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Johnson, was Managing Partner of Deloitte in Phoenix for 13 years. So you can see why I’m an accountant – it’s genetic.
Dad retired in 1981 and passed away in 2002, but his reputation lives on after him. When I meet people who work at Deloitte now and tell them that my Dad used to be managing partner there, they always ask for his name. When I say Bob Johnson, I’m invariably greeted with “Oooo, I’ve heard of him.” Just the tone of respect in their voices makes my heart, a daughter’s heart, proud.

There is no more important man in a woman’s life than her father. He sets the standard by which all men will be held. When a man demonstrates integrity, respect, leadership, responsibility, humor, and affection, a woman will know that she can find those same qualities in other men.

To all you Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day. May you always be the man your daughter thinks you are.


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