A Triple Braided Cord

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As any sailor knows, three strands that are woven or braided together are hard to break. You can count on them to hold when conditions get rough. Each sail has its own kind of line that is designed to function best for the stress and strain it will undergo. A good crew knows which line is for which sail and how to use it effectively. Being Captain on a sail boat is really much like running a business. Both are fun and challenging. And both require a good crew or team to be successful.

It’s been said that team work makes the dream work. All business owners have a dream of what they want their organization to become. Having the right people on the team is what makes that dream into a reality and what makes it enjoyable along the way.

How do you pick the right people? At TAO, here’s what we look for: Paradise under sail

  1. Commitment to excellence – customer service and accuracy
  2. Shared values – honesty, integrity and ethics
  3. Fit with the company culture – accountability and attitude
  4. Experience – we hire only highly skilled accountants
  5. Skills – expertise that meets our specific needs

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What are your thoughts on teamwork?

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