As the owner of a virtual accounting practice I am well aware that it takes more effort to find a new client than it does to keep a current one. We always strive for customer delight and with keeping clients in our “client family.”

Picture1If you have employees, you likely realize that they are the best sales tools any business owner can have. Whether you have a brick and mortar operation or a virtual business, the front-line employees are the face of your business and you need to make certain they are representing you well.

What can you to do keep your customers delighted and keep them with your long-term? Hint, it starts with the customer experience. Here are my tips that you can use to help your customers have a great experience every time:

  • Look for employees that have the “emotional intelligence” to see when a customer is dissatisfied. Being able to read body language and interpret tone will go a long way in aiding that customer and coming to a beneficial solution.
  • Smile when you answer the phone – it really does “show through” the phone lines. Smile when you meet with a customer in person or when they walk through the door at your retail location. A smile sets the tone for the entire interaction.
  • Listen. God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we listen twice as much as we speak. Take time to truly listen to your customer. A complaint, at first blush, may not be the root cause of his or her unhappiness. Listen so that you can come to a solution.

Always go the extra mile. I believe in under-promising and over-delivering, do you?

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