Are They Dangerous?

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Sometimes I think emails are downright dangerous! There are some times that emails are really not a good idea. As virtual accountants we often need to discuss sensitive issues, conduct negotiations, give detailed explanations, discuss performance issues, or seek to form consensus. These are just a few of the times that sending an email puts you at risk of creating a misunderstanding. Instead try a meeting (best choice) or a telephone call (next best choice). You’ll be taking less risk and will stand a better chance of success.

Why are emails dangerous? Because the recipient…

  • Can’t see your expressions and gestures
  • Can’t hear the earnestness in your voice
  • Can’t feel your emotion whether it be passion or empathy

If a meeting isn’t feasible, a possible solution is a Skype call. Make technology your friend! Then use email as a follow-up to summarize and highlight the major points. When you write the email, be sure that you pause to reread it in its entirety and check your spelling before you hit Send. Hopefully this will help you avoid the danger zone!

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