Like many entrepreneurs, I like to be in control. That’s why so many of us started our own business like my virtual accounting practice; we wanted to do it our way.

There’s a downside to being in control – you have to be in the midst of things all the time! Think of a hamster on a treadmill!

Is there a better way? I think so!

  • Set the tone and culture for your organization so everyone on your team knows why you do what you do
  • Train your team well with documented systems so everyone knows how to do what you do
  • Hire a great management team, equip them with the tools they need to build a strong team and the systems to manage them well

The beautiful thing about this kind of control is that you don’t actively do it all yourself. What you do is stay in close touch with your management team, monitor the systems, and stay on top of issues that are impacting your clients. This way you’ll be in control but off the treadmill.

How do you deal with control?

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